Top 50 Most commonly asked Networking questions

Here are 50 commonly asked networking and network infrastructure questions for interviews and written exams in the field of IT and computer science: Network Fundamentals: Network Topologies: Network Devices: Network Security: Subnetting and IP Addressing: Routing and Switching: Wireless Networking: Internet and Web Technologies: Network Management: Quality of Service (QoS): Cloud Networking: IPv6: Network Monitoring […]

Top 50 Most Asked SQL interview questions

Here are 50 commonly asked SQL interview questions for both interviews and written exams: Basic SQL Questions: SELECT Statements: Table Operations: Joins and Relationships: Aggregation and Grouping: Subqueries and Nesting: Indexes and Optimization: Transactions and ACID: Views and Stored Procedures: Security and Permissions: Normalization and Database Design: Backup and Recovery: Error Handling: These SQL interview […]