Build a Python program that simulates the operation of a coffee machine. This project will help you understand the basics of Python programming and how to use PyCharm for development. Please go through the requirement before going for this solution.

# Define initial resources
resources = {
    "water": 300,
    "milk": 200,
    "coffee": 100,
    "money": 0.0,

# Define drink options and their ingredients
menu = {
    "espresso": {"water": 50, "coffee": 18, "cost": 1.5},
    "latte": {"water": 200, "milk": 150, "coffee": 24, "cost": 2.5},
    "cappuccino": {"water": 250, "milk": 100, "coffee": 24, "cost": 3.0},

# Prompt user and check for available resources
def is_resource_sufficient(order_ingredients):
    for item in order_ingredients:
        if order_ingredients[item] > resources[item]:
            print(f"Sorry, there is not enough {item}.")
            return False
    return True

# Process coins and calculate change
def process_coins():
    print("Please insert coins.")
    total = int(input("How many quarters?: ")) * 0.25
    total += int(input("How many dimes?: ")) * 0.1
    total += int(input("How many nickels?: ")) * 0.05
    total += int(input("How many pennies?: ")) * 0.01
    return total

# Check if user's money is enough for the drink
def is_transaction_successful(money_received, drink_cost):
    if money_received >= drink_cost:
        change = round(money_received - drink_cost, 2)
        print(f"Here is ${change} in change.")
        resources["money"] += drink_cost
        return True
        print("Sorry, that's not enough money. Money refunded.")
        return False

# Make coffee and deduct resources
def make_coffee(drink_name, order_ingredients):
    for item in order_ingredients:
        resources[item] -= order_ingredients[item]
    print(f"Here is your {drink_name}. Enjoy!")

# Main coffee machine program
machine_on = True

while machine_on:
    user_choice = input("What would you like? (espresso/latte/cappuccino): ").lower()

    if user_choice == "off":
        machine_on = False
    elif user_choice == "report":
        for item, quantity in resources.items():
            if item != "money":
                print(f"{item.capitalize()}: {quantity}")
                print(f"Money: ${quantity}")
        drink = menu.get(user_choice)
        if drink:
            if is_resource_sufficient(drink["ingredients"]):
                payment = process_coins()
                if is_transaction_successful(payment, drink["cost"]):
                    make_coffee(user_choice, drink["ingredients"])
            print("Invalid choice. Please choose a valid drink (espresso/latte/cappuccino) or enter 'off' to turn off the machine.")

Day 15 : Project Coffee Machine Simulation

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